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General's Kiss-Off Stain Remover - 0.7 0z (20 gms)

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Kiss-Off 0.7 Oz

General's Kiss-Off Stain Remover - 0.7 0z (20 gms)

General's Kiss-Off Stain Remover - 0.7 0z (20 gms)
General's Kiss-Off Stain Remover - 0.7 0z (20 gms)
General's Kiss-Off Stain Remover - 0.7 0z (20 gms)

General's Kiss-Off Stain Remover - 0.7 0z (20 gms)

Kiss-Off ® Stain Remover removes stains on the spot. It is unique because it needs just water to remove tough stains, including wet & dry oil paint, acrylic paint, tempera paint, pencil marks, grease, lipstick, blood, grass stains, wine, coffee and more!

No harmful fumes, no liquid to spill, so it is safe to use at home, office, school, traveling, etc. Its convenient size makes it handy to take along anywhere a stain might find you.

It works on Fabrics, Carpets, Car Interiors, computers and more. The steps for using the Kiss-Off Stain Remover are as follows:

  • Wet stain with water
  • Apply Kiss-Off and work into stain
  • Place paper towel or cloth under stained fabric to blot the stain through the fabric
  • Rinse well; more than one application may be necessary

Weight of compound - 0.7 oz (20 gms)

How is Kiss-Off® different from other stain removers on the market?

  • Kiss-Off® is a non-toxic, easy-to-use stain stick.
  • Stick form is a hard cake compound: Needs only water to get working on stubborn stains.
  • Non-flammable, no fumes, no odours.
  • It is an effective on-the-spot stain remover; it is not just concentrated detergent for pre-wash (not a laundry stick).

Who uses Kiss-Off®?

  • People who eat! (just about everybody) Creative people! Homemakers, teachers, auto mechanics, cooks, seamstresses, painters, office workers, decorators, drapery workers, upholsters, TV and movie costume designers, and more.

What kind of stains does Kiss-Off® remove?

  • Arts & Crafts stains: Oil paints, watercolour stains, wet acrylic paint, coloured markers, pencil marks, "mystery spots".
  • Every day stains: Grease, blood, grass stains, wine, chocolate, lipstick, tomato sauce, rust, coffee.
  • On-the-job stains: Copy machine toner, tar, ball point ink.

Where can Kiss-Off® be found?

  • In a car glove compartment, for on-the-go people with accidental spills.
  • In the laundry room, as a pre-wash (but be sure to wet stain first, before using Kiss-Off®).
  • At the office, for accidental messes on clothes, carpeting, upholstery.
  • In a purse or toiletries bag for traveling.
  • In a first aid kit or tool box.
  • In the art studio, for paint spills.
  • In a kitchen or wherever people who eat are found!

Best results are achieved on fresh stains, but Kiss-Off® is known for removing old and stubborn stains as well! "So, before you throw it away, try Kiss-Off®!

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Kiss-Off 0.7 Oz