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Winsor & Newton Pastels - Soft Pastel Sets

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Winsor & Newton Pastels - Soft Pastel Sets

Winsor & Newton Pastels - Soft Pastel Sets

Winsor & Newton Soft Pastel Sets feature a vibrant selection of soft round pastels with a silky texture to ensure seamless blending. Crafted with artist-grade pigments for outstanding lightfastness, sets come in 15 or 30-piece formats ideal for students and novices.

Each stick is wrapped by hand in translucent paper and clearly labelled for convenient colour selection. Wrappers peel easily, guaranteeing a pure colour finish every time. Sets include a durable and stylish metal carrying case, making storage simple and secure.

Available in Set of 15 and 30

Advanced lightfastness - Artist grade pigments provide outstanding light resistance, so artworks retain their vibrancy for longer

Comfortable abrasion - Due to their soft consistency soft pastels are easy to apply and seamless to blend

Concentrated pigment sticks - The intense colours can be worked into rough surfaces and blended with each other using fingers or special paper blending stumps

Durable carry case - The metal carry case ensures pastels are clean and safe for use on the go and conveniently stored when in the studio

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