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Winsor & Newton Pastels - Oil Pastel Sets

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Winsor & Newton Pastels - Oil Pastel Sets

Winsor & Newton Pastels - Oil Pastel Sets

Winsor & Newton Oil Pastel is perfect for anyone looking to become familiar with the oil pastel medium. It features an assortment of rich, true colours that are easy to blend and offer excellent lightfastness. Crafted with artist-grade pigments, each soft round stick is hand-wrapped in translucent paper and labelled for easy identification.

Advanced lightfastness - Artist grade pigments provide outstanding light resistance, so artworks retain their vibrancy for longer

Comfortable abrasion - Due to their soft, creamy consistency oil pastels are easy to apply and seamless to blend

High compatibility with other media - Can be used for underpainting in oil techniques and in combination with artist mediums and oils

Durable carry case - The metal carry case ensures pastels are clean and safe for use on the go and conveniently stored when in the studio

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