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Winsor & Newton Studio Collection Watercolour Pencil Sets

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Winsor & Newton Studio Collection Watercolour Pencil Sets

Winsor & Newton Studio Collection Watercolour Pencil Sets

Winsor & Newton Studio Collection Watercolour Pencil are superior, professional quality pencils that are highly pigmented with exceptional solubility and excellent lightfastness. These soft thick core watercolour pencils allow rich, vibrant colour with a range of watercolour effects. These pencils offer all the beauty of watercolour but with the precision and ease of a pencil.

Wax based pencils - Studio Collection watercolour pencils are wax based, which make them perfect for laying down coverage. These thick core pencils are wonderfully versatile, can be used dry like a regular colour pencil for smooth, vibrant shading and blending or transform colour into vibrant washes with the application of wet brush.

Exceptional solubility - Apply water to your piece to discover the range of colour and effects that can be created with these rich, vibrant hues. They feature high-quality leads that are durable and responsive allowing differing pressure to effect strength of colour. Perfect for building up multiple layers of colour or working on subtle shading or for creating gorgeous, expressive artwork.

Break-resistant cores - Studio Collection pencils have high quality binders in the core so they will not break easily under pressure, even when dropped.

The pencils are made with aromatic cedarwood casing with cylindrical barrels in an understated ivory livery, stamped with colour name in black and with ends dipped varying shades to indicate the lead colours. The pencils are clearly labelled and comfortable to use. Each one has a high-quality lead that sharpens easily to a precise point and the leads and points won't break under pressure. Presented in stylish plain metal tins, embossed with the iconic Winsor & Newton logo.

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