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Winsor & Newton Studio Collection Graphite and Sketching Pencils Sets

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Winsor & Newton Studio Collection Graphite and Sketching Pencils Sets

Winsor & Newton Studio Collection Graphite and Sketching Pencils Sets

Winsor & Newton Studio Collection Professional Quality versatile pencil set offers a range of pencils for drawing and sketching in different grades of hardness allows to create intricate detailing with expressive shading. These are suitable for blending, smooth-shading and fine detail. These traditional sketching pencils are ideal for life drawing, shading, and sketching.

Graphite Pencils –

W&N Graphite pencil set is perfect for creating everything from beautifully fine detailed drawings to capturing movement or inspiration spontaneously or expressive sketches. They come in a range of levels of hardness, with H grades best suited to delicate, intricate drawing, and the softer, darker B grades best for shading and smooth coverage of large areas.

Winsor & Newton graphite pencil set includes six high quality graphite pencil from 2H to 8B ideal for simple preliminarily sketches, art classes, life drawing and detailed works, perfect for emerging creatives looking for affordable and great quality art materials.

Sketching Pencils –

W&N Sketching pencil set includes classic charcoal and graphite pencils which blend easily to create evocative shading, making them ideal for striking life drawings and still life pieces. These are brilliantly versatile and responsive high-quality pencils and are also perfect for spontaneous sketching, allowing to quickly capture movement and try out new ideas.

Sustainably Grown –

The pencils are made with sustainably grown linden wood casing with cylindrical barrels in an understated grey livery, with ends dipped varying shades of grey to indicate the lead grade. The pencils are clearly labelled and comfortable to use. Each one has a high-quality lead that sharpens easily to a precise point and the leads and points won't break under pressure. Presented in stylish plain metal tins, embossed with the iconic Winsor & Newton logo.

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