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Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Colour Sets

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Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Colour Sets

Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Colour Sets

Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Color is a high-quality acrylic which delivers professional results and is ideal for artists who want good quality color at an affordable price. All colors in the Galeria acrylic range offer a wide spectrum of pigment characteristics to choose from as well as excellent brilliance of color, strong brush stroke retention, clean color mixing, satin finish and high permanence. Galeria has a smooth, free-flowing consistency making it easy for the artist to use and mix, whilst maintaining its body and retaining brush strokes and knife marks. Whether you are an accomplished painter and need tools for painting out and about, or a beginner who needs a place to start, this Galeria Acrylic Color will suit your needs.

Although Galeria Acrylics are sometimes referred to as a fine grade acrylic, their high pigment levels deliver professional results with significantly better covering power than many similarly priced brands.

The Galeria Acrylics line consists of 60 magnificent colors in 60ml tubes and 500ml Jars making it ideal for art & design students, hobbyists, muralists, decorative painters and fine artists who work on a grand scale.

Permanence and Lightfastness

As permanence is especially important in acrylic colour, Winsor and Newton ensure all Galeria acrylic colours are rated AA or A (except Opera Rose), ensuring the whole range is recommended as ‘Permanent for artists' use'.

The lightfastness of a paint colour or pigment is how resistant to fading it is, or how unaffected by light it is. Galeria uses pure pigments that don’t fade so that your artworks maintain their original colour for decades.

Pigment Strength

With a high level of pigmentation, Galeria offers brilliant colours and good covering power. This enables beginning & professional artists to use these in conjunction with Professional Acrylics or transition to Professional Acrylics when a wider choice and even higher pigment strength is needed. The range also has opaque versions of some naturally transparent colours, for example Raw Sienna Opaque and Burnt Sienna Opaque.

Consistency and Texture

In comparison to oil, acrylics generally have less body. Winsor and Newton Galeria range offer smooth, thick, buttery consistency for quick and easy coverage, while making sure that the brush marks that artist want retain. 

Surface Sheen

With an even satin finish, Galeria offers excellent depth of color, making color matching easier from wet to dry. Matt or gloss finishes can easily be obtained by adding the appropriate Galeria medium.


Galeria Acrylic Colours have been chosen to offer a wide and balanced spectrum of bright and vibrant colours, giving the artist excellent choice and the ability to select a palette that best suits their work. Each colour has been specially selected by looking at individual pigment characteristics in both mass and undertone such as hue, colour bias, purity, brightness, transparency, tinting strength and stability.

Galeria range covers every requirement - from the essential colours for basic palette, to unique colours not achievable through mixtures, to colours formulated from professional artist grade pigments.

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