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Winsor & Newton Foundation Watercolour Brush Set

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Winsor & Newton Foundation Watercolour Brush Set

Winsor & Newton Foundation Watercolour Brush Set

For over 150 years Winsor & Newton been combining craftsmanship with the highest grade materials when making the finest quality artists' brushes. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit all media, the brushes offer artists wide choice and ultimate control. The Winsor & Newton Foundation range has been created to complement the artist quality student and professional ranges. The range offers offer value for money brushes, in a variety of shapes and sizes, to suit all media.

The brushes are available in 27 packs of short-handle and long-handle brushes. 9 white synthetic brushes for acrylic colour are available in yellow poly packs. 9 gold synthetic brushes for watercolour are available in blue poly packs. And 9 natural hog bristle brushes for oil colour are available in green poly packs.

The brush you select for acrylic painting will depend on whether you need to move full bodied colour or control flowing colour. Winsor & Newton offer a variety of brushes with stiff hair for thicker colour or softer hair for thinned down applications in both natural and synthetic varieties. There are also brushes designed for each colour range.

The brushes are available in round, flat or filbert shapes. Round brushes provide excellent control and are good for lines and detail work. Filberts are idea for broad strokes with a soft edge. Flat brushes are excellent for bold, sweeping strokes and the edge can also be used for line work. The range also includes a 30mm spalter brush which is good for washes and soft blending of larger areas.

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