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Pebeo Setacolor Silk Screen Stencil

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Pebeo Setacolor Silk Screen Stencil

Pebeo Setacolor Silk Screen Stencil

Pebeo’s Setacolor Stencils Collection gives a high precision silk-screen finish. Its exclusive models are made from a soft, flexible and reusable material that allows the decoration of surfaces in the blink of an eye. The stencils work great for all the colours of the Setacolor range: Setacolor Opaque, Opaque Pearl, Shimmer, Suede Effect, Light Fabrics and Glitter Paints! For the Suede colours, the paint should be applied thickly in order to get the best “flocked” effect. The glitter is “fine enough” to pass through the screen easily. The stencils can also be used for sun printing. Use in application with a spatula, sponge stamp or brush.

The Setacolor Silk Screen Stencils come with a spatula in two weaved A4 size and eight A5 size reusable thin flexible stencil designs with a tacky backing. A wide variety of terrific stencil designs like Table decoration, lace, arabesque, scooter, garden, trainer/sneaker, ribbons, vintage, couture, dolls are available to decorate fabric yardage, clothing or home decor items. The table decoration, lace, arabesque and garden stencils are part of the timeless design range of Setacolor, while the classic range includes ribbons, couture, dolls designs and modern range is of the scooter, trainer/sneaker, vintage designs.

Before starting decoration, cover your work area with either plastic or newspaper. Stick your fabric with a tape onto your work area. With multiple intricate designs on one sheet of the stencil just cut along the dotted line to separate the design of your choice. Carefully position the stencil on top of the fabric and fix it. Pour a small amount of Setacolor onto your palette and dip the tip of the stencil brush or sponge into the colour. Do not overload the brush. Dab your brush in an up and down motion to remove any excess colour. The brush should be somewhat dry. If there is too much fabric paint on the brush, it may run under the edge of the stencil, creating a blurred image. Holding your brush upright (vertical), use dabbing motions to fill in the exposed area of your stencil. It is best to build colour by applying it in several layers. Continue this process until your design is complete. If you are repeating patterns, make sure that both the stencil is clean and your fabric is dry, before moving it to another part of the fabric. After stencilling is complete, carefully remove the masking tape from the stencil. It is advisable to gently lift the stencil before the paint dries from the fabric, to prevent the paint from sticking to the stencil. We recommend keeping a cotton swab handy, to clean up any “little mistakes” that may result from paint overflow. After use, wipe it off with a clean damp cloth to remove any fabric fibers, and then air dry before storing - to extend the usage capability. The stencils can be reused upto 10 times. If adhesive wears off - a non-stick spray adhesive could also be used.

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