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RGM - New Generation - Painting Palette Knife

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RGM - New Generation - Painting Palette Knife

RGM - New Generation - Painting Palette Knife

RGM Italian New Generation Painting and Palette Knives are ideal for traditional and modern painting techniques, especially for background products, mixing and applying colours with a dense consistency and on large canvases and murals. This range of large painting spatulas consists of 21 different models making an easier use of the palette knives in making a spontaneous technique.

For over 50 years, RGM has been a producer of the highest quality fine art tools for masters, professional and amateurs. RGM manufacture elegant painting knives and tools for carving, sculpting, and etching are made with the highest quality materials, following the tradition of artisans and artists. The uniqueness of RGM Palette knives is the guarantee of good flexibility of the blade making the application extremely easy. With the revolution in painting knife work, RGM has become a well-renowned leader in offering innovative shapes and characteristics that yield new functionality for the artist.

These good quality knives meet all the needs of an artist with a wide range of shapes and sizes to cover all techniques. These knives are great for mixing, moving, and manipulating paint, for applying texture mediums for dimensional artwork and texturizing paper-born artwork. Besides, this kind of spatula is also ideal for chefs and pastry cooks. The unique edges and shapes give the artist infinite possibilities when it comes to creating effects. Use the flat side for larger strokes of colour and use the tip or edge for a variety of details.

The RGM New Generation palette knives are characterized by its extremely flexible tempered stainless steel mirror and by a special electrolytic rustproof protection that optimizes the functionality of the palette knife and the spreadability of the colour, as well as ensuring maximum durability. These painting palette knives is having ergonomic light red Bubinga wood handles with brass rivets provides for excellent control. Each blade is tempered and ground by hand to assure consistent flexibility and quality creating a single body.

Tip - Palette / Painting Knife to last for a long time it is highly recommended to clean the blade with a dry cloth and keep it in a dry place.

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