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Brause Writing Nibs - Sets

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Brause Writing Nibs - Sets

Brause Writing Nibs - Sets

Brause was founded in Iserlohn, Germany in 1850. It was a region famous for the quality of its steel and the skill of its craftsmen. Since then, Brause has been crafting a complete line of calligraphy nibs considered to be one of the best on the market by professional calligraphers.

B29 - Index / Medium Thin is simple and precise script pen nib with a medium fine point and a large reserve of ink.

B46 - Cito fein nibs have a turned-up point, that keeps the point from snagging in the paper, which allows a high speed of writing. A big ink container makes these nibs even more convenient for every day use and high speed. It has a very fine point that makes it perfect for drawing as well.

B50 - Pfannen nib is a nickle-plated pan nib with a wide point (0.45mm) that is great for monoline lettering. Reinforced elasticity allows this nib to last longer and hold up under pressure. Capable of some line variation, but not recommended for pointed pen hands such as Copperplate and Spencerian.

B65 - Ecoliere / Medium Soft has a fine point. Hard reaction for writing, drawing or calligraphy. Good for monoline lettering.

B66 - Highly Elastic / Arrow nib is one of our most popular nibs, and is loved by calligraphers everywhere for it's flexibility, impressive strength, and amazing line variation. From tiny hairlines to juicy downstrokes, this nib does it all. The Brause EF 66 also does not catch as easily as most extra-fine nibs, so it makes a great choice for lettering on textured paper. Sometimes referred to as "the Arrow" due to its unique shape.

B68 - Portee / Music nib is five-line nib was originally manufactured to assist composers and musicians with creating staffs, but calligraphers love the fun and expressive forms it produces. Although the Brause Music nib can be challenging to use, the beautiful ornamental letters it creates are worth the work. 13/16" in width.

B76 - Rose / Highly Elastic nib is modeled on a vintage nib design and features a lovely embossed rose on the body. Rose nibs are incredibly flexible but remain strong and dependable nonetheless. This pointed nib's high flex can be difficult to get used to and requires a gentle hand, but once mastered creates dramatic contrasts between hairlines and swells that are hard to reproduce with other G nibs like the Nikko, Zebra, or Tachikawa.

B376 - Steno / Blue Pumpkin nib tends to go by many names, including the Brause 361 or the Blue Pumpkin. Some calligraphers find this nib to be a higher quality duplicate of the hiro 40nib, which is very similar in appearance and performance. The Steno is less flexible than the Hiro 40, but holds more ink and achieves thinner hairlines. This nib has a unique shape and color as well as a moderate flex, achieving beautiful swells with a little pressure.

Hatat is ideal for left-handed as well as right-handed users, the Hatat Nib is ideal for creating Hebrew and Arabic writing.

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