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Pebo Setasilk Paint - SETS AND CASES

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Pebo Setasilk Paint - SETS AND CASES

Pebo Setasilk Paint - SETS AND CASES

Pebeo’s Setasilk are bright and intense heat-fixable, transparent colours ideal for silk painting on all types of silk like twill, pongé, crêpe de Chine, crêpe georgette and damask silk. Setasilk colours suit all silk painting techniques such as tie-dye, outlines, salt sprinkling technique, watercolour, sun technique, wax batik and mahaju technique. They retain the silk's flexibility and offer a palette of rich, refined tones and great brightness. These colours are fluid and fuse onto silk. These ready to use colours are extremely intermixable. After applying colour, do not hesitate to go (paint) over the wet paint where the colour is non-uniform / lighter.

The Setasilk range includes 29 colours in 45 ml bottles with spout & 250 ml bottles and 6 Water based Gutta outliners in 20 ml tubes. All Setasilk colours can be lightened / diluted using the Setasilk lightener. They can also be diluted / thinned using water.

Squirrel brushes are ideal for silk painting as they are soft and thin, and have a high retention capacity. Princeton’s Neptune range brushes and Escoda’s Ultimo range brushes, made with synthetic fibres, are soft and resilient and can match the performance of sable brushes at a better price. For backgrounds and solids, foam brushes are the most practical.

Clean the brushes with soap and water before and after use. Before being worked, silk must be either stretched on a frame or placed on a fleece and fixed with an adhesive. This solution is more convenient for media such as neckties. Some silks require washing before use to remove the primer. Wait until the colours are dry before fixing them. For fixing the paint onto the silk, set the knob of the iron to the cotton setting without steam and iron the silk on the reverse side for 5 minutes. 48 hours after fixing, the decorated piece can be washed by hand and machine (delicate setting).

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