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Pebeo Setacolor 3D Fabric Paint - Tube Sets

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Pebeo Setacolor 3D Fabric Paint - Tube Sets

Pebeo Setacolor 3D Fabric Paint - Tube Sets

Pebeo's Setacolor 3D range has been designed to complement Pebeo's Setacolor fabric paint, Setasilk silk paint & Setaskrib marker ranges. Setacolor 3D provides great effects when used with these ranges. It adds dimension and creates bold outlines to your fabric painting. The Setacolor 3D colours come in easy to use 20 ml tubes with nozzles.

The Setacolor 3D range consists of 48 Colours across 6 effects & 1 glue that allows fabrics to maintain their suppleness even after washes. The 6 effects are Brod'Perle, Gloss, Glitter, Brod'Line, Metal & Phosphorescent.

Setacolor 3D has a professional finish to customise and decorate fabrics. They are wash resistant. Setacolor 3D perfectly personalizes all your clothes and fabrics while maintaining their flexibility. The metal tube with nozzle facilitates easy handling and allows full use of the paint. It prevents air bubbles therefore your work will always be clean. You can draw thick or thin lines with the nozzle. All fabrics must be prewashed as the sizing in new fabrics prevents the penetration of colour. You can even use a palette knife or sponge to apply the Setacolor 3D colours.

Allow to dry for 12 hours. Increase this drying time if moisture is above 80%. Textiles washable at 40C by hand or machine, 72 hours after application. For the Brod'Line effect; colours expand with heat rendering to a velvety flocked finish. After application, allow to dry 6 hours. Iron on the reverse side of the decorated fabric for 3 minutes, the colours will expand. Pebeo recommends to wash and iron the painted fabric only on the reverse side and to use a short wash cycle; to not use softener and to air dry the decorated fabrics.

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