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Pebeo Deco Wood Paint - Assortments & Kits

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Pebeo Deco Wood Paint - Assortments & Kits

Pebeo Deco Wood Paint - Assortments & Kits

Pebeos Deco are water based, opaque, fluid, intermixable, professional quality, waterproof when dry, ready to use acrylic colours with excellent lightfastness on most surfaces (non-permanent on glass). They can be used on most surfaces like paper, canvas board, wood, MDF, plaster, terracotta, metal, salt dough, stone and polystyrene. They can be permanent or non-permanent in accordance with application surface.

Deco Sets is the gift that we would like for ourselves or to give others which includes everything needed to begin Creative Leisure at an affordable price. It consists of colours perfect for home decor. From basement to attic, on walls and on furniture, liven up your home decor and express yourself with colour.

We recommend that you use a soft, natural / synthetic fibre brush, such as Pebeo Iris, Princeton VelveTouch, Escoda Ultimo, Escoda Prado, Escoda Versatil, Princeton Miniature or any of the soft bristle brushes available on our website.

Apply the Deco colours using a foam roller and brush, sponge, painting knife, stencil brush or stencil onto the desired surface. The colours can be thinned with water and painted on materials of your choice without constraints as it is suitable for all techniques. Allow it to dry in a non-dust environment. The colours take 30 minutes to dry to the touch and becomes fully dry in 24 hours. Once dried, the decorated surface supports light washing with a damp cloth, without soaking. Clean the brushes / tools with soap and water before and after use.

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