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Pebeo Ceramic Mixed Media Paint - SETS AND CASES

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Pebeo Ceramic Mixed Media Paint - SETS AND CASES

Pebeo Ceramic Mixed Media Paint - SETS AND CASES

Pebeo Ceramic paints are opaque, very bright, alkyd, intermixable, oil-based colours with lacquer finish and very good lightfastness designed specifically for use on ceramics. These paints can also be applied on terracotta, earthenware, wood, plastic, canvas and even metal. The objects decorated with Ceramic colours should not be considered for everyday use or be in contact with food. They are intended for decorative purposes only.

Applications of Ceramic in Earthenware Painting: Ceramic colours are ideal for terracotta and earthenware and can be used for a lacquer finish on plastic, wood, metal, glass and canvas. Prior to painting, it is recommended to apply a layer of the Ceramic Filler Undercoat onto porous surfaces to maximize the brightness of applications. On rounded surfaces, be careful not to overload to avoid streaking. Ceramic colours can be applied with a brush, a sponge, a stencil or using the bath technique. The colours can be thinned / lightened using Odourless Mineral Spirit or white spirit. The Ceramic colours take 2 hours to dry to the touch and 10 hours to become completely dry. Drying time may vary depending on the thickness of the application, temperature and humidity of the room where the product is applied. After drying, the colours are resistant to scratching, window cleaner and washing in cold water without soaking.

Applications of Ceramic in Mixed Media -Pebeo Ceramic colours are compatible with all products included in the Pebeo Mixed Media Program. A sufficiently thick layer of colours can be combined with other mediums such as sand or be engraved with a stick. Ceramic colours, when combined with Fantasy Prisme and Vitrail colours, create magnificent contrasting effects merging various degrees of texture, intensity, transparency, opacity and opalescence. Ceramic colours can be used with Fantasy Moon colours to create marbled effects. Before using the Gdo Glazing Resin, it is recommended to apply a coat of Bindex after 72 hours from applying the Ceramic colours and then let it dry for 8 hours.

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