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NITRAM Natural Charcoal Stick - SETS

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NITRAM Natural Charcoal Stick - SETS

NITRAM Natural Charcoal Stick - SETS

NITRAM Charcoals are low dust as compared to vine & willow charcoal and are easy to blend & erase. They can be sharpened to a fine point using the NITRAM Sharpening Bloc or sandpaper. NITRAM Charcoal has long been considered the finest charcoal for drawing & is the preferred charcoal of professional artists, academies & ateliers. NITRAM are experts in making rich, black charcoal for the discerning artist. These charcoals do not crumble or skip when used expressively or under pressure. The 5 mm & 6 mm NITRAM Academie Fusains / Extra Soft charcoal sticks can be used with or without the Stylus. They are perfect for drawing & sketching, creating brilliant dark lines and shading & drawing shadows.

NITRAM Bâton is a unique charcoal drawing device. It is designed to hold the NITRAM Mignonette, a thin 4 mm square charcoal stick. The Baton has a square, grippy barrel which holds the mignonettes securely while drawing.The Baton is 20 cm (8”) Long. Each Baton comes with 5 Mignonettes. These Mignonettes are Extra Soft (B+) Charcoal Sticks for dark notes & shading.

NITRAM Charcoal Assortment contains 2 Sticks each of H (Hard), HB (Medium), B (Soft) & B+ (Extra Soft) Charcoals.

NITRAM Stylus has been designed to hold the NITRAM Academie Fusain Charcoal Sticks & the Petits Baton Charcoal Sticks. The NITRAM Stylus is a great tool for all types of charcoal drawing & sketching. The Stylus comes with 4 Assorted NITRAM Charcoal Sticks 1 each of H (Hard), HB (Medium), B (Soft) & B+ (Extra Soft) Charcoals with color-coded end caps to help identify which charcoal stick is in the holder.

Nitram Charcoal Starter Kit contains four charcoal sticks (one each of H, HB, B, and B+), plus a slim sharpening bloc and extra sanding pads.

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