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Mission Gold Professional Grade Extra-Fine Watercolour - SETS

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Mission Gold Professional Grade Extra-Fine Watercolour - SETS

Mission Gold Professional Grade Extra-Fine Watercolour - SETS

Mijello Mission Gold Watercolours are extra-fine Professional artist grade watercolours available at extremely competitive prices. These are handmade by mixing carefully selected pigments with premium mediums and dispersants and allowing them to naturally cultivate extraordinary colour properties. With more pigment and no thickener, a little colour goes a long way and there is extraordinarily little colour shift from wet to dry.

The range consists of 126 brilliant watercolours in 15 ml tubes. The Professional Artist grade watercolours are available in 8 series from A to H.

Modern Pigments –

Mission Watercolours use modern technologies to bring the finest quality pigments from around the world to every artist's palette. The colours are created with non-toxic pigments and non-chemical additives and are intensely pigmented without gummy thickening agents that can hinder brilliance and darken over time. This resulting in unparalleled colour and vibrancy.

Colour Uniformity and Exceptional Solvency –

Mission Watercolours are extremely absorbent, so they never get to dry. They offer great colour control and solvency which allows paint to easily revitalised with dump brush even when paint is dried in palette wells.

The consistent colour strength and formation through mission’s differentiated core technology allows artists to get a feel for all the colours by just trying few of them.

Lightfastness –

Mission Watercolours offers excellent lightfastness, so that completed artwork maintains its integrity over decades. The Mijello researches performs test twice on each mixture independently after the product has been prepared.

Bright colours are very intense and suitable for design work, have lower lightfastness whereas compose colours similar in colours are more desirable for professional watercolours.

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