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Marabu Deco Painter Marker - SETS

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Marabu Deco Painter Marker - SETS

Marabu Deco Painter Marker - SETS

Marabu Deco Painter is a water-based acrylic marker with a matte effect. These quick-drying, rich colours with good quality coverage are light-resistant, weather-proof, and work on all smooth and porous surfaces such as paper, wood, terracotta, metal, plaster, plastic.

Application – Marabu Deco Painter markers require an object to be free from dust and grease before painting. For optimal results, it is recommended to shake the markers for about 60 seconds before start decorating with the cap closed to mix the paint pigments well. This will give the colour an even tone. To activate the marker, pump the tip by pressing several times until the ink shows. Then start writing with the marker on some paper to test whether the paint is evenly applied.

Tip –The dried or dirty tips can be removed and cleaned under water and place them back once thoroughly dry. The markers should be stored horizontally. To increase the weather resistance of deco painter let the design dry for at least 30 minutes. Then varnish with one of the aqua Varnishes.

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