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Marabu Alcohol Ink Sets

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Marabu Alcohol Ink Sets

Marabu Alcohol Ink Sets

Marabu Alcohol Ink is extremely vibrant and versatile allows creating stunning works of art on a variety of surface. These are solvent-based, fast-drying, specially developed for exceptional flow techniques on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces like synthetic and glossy papers, ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, vinyl, leather, and more. The inks are acid-free, dye-based, and transparent ink except for metallic colours and special colour diamond. These are specially developed for a wide range of particularly radiant pouring techniques and creative designs.

The Inks are blendable for an infinite colour palette. The liquid consistency and the alcohol lead to active spreading on the painting surface and unique colour gradients. After drying, the colours are intense, smudge-proof, and water-resistant and can be reactivated at any time with the help of alcohol or Alcohol Ink Extender.

The range offers 13 luminous and brilliant colours, 3 shimmering metallic colours and 1 special effect colour diamond gives an incredibly special and sparkling effect. Available in 20 ml bottle with narrow precision tip for easy application.

The Marabu Alcohol Ink colours are complemented by the Alcohol Ink Extender which is used to mix, lighten, and lift them. It also slows the drying process and increases transparency and working time.

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