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Manuscript - Classic Fountain Pens

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Manuscript - Classic Fountain Pens

Manuscript - Classic Fountain Pens

Manuscript Classic Fountain Pen is built with a rounded body for a comfortable grip and stylish classic shape. The Manuscript Classic Fountain Pen come with a flexible iridium nib and an option of an ink eraser for mistakes. These Classic pens are ergonomically designed with fingertip grips to aid pen control for smooth and even writing. Available in Pink, Aqua Green and Blue.

How to use the Ink Eraser/Corrector Pen:

  • Apply the white end of the Corrector to the text that you wish to amend and allow 10-20 seconds for it to fade and dry. (The white corrector end will only erase washable blue ink used in the Fountain pen.)
  • Use the blue end to write over the corrected area. (The blue end contains permanent ink that cannot be erased with the corrector.)
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