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Karin Pigment DecoBrush Acrylic Marker - SETS

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Karin Pigment DecoBrush Acrylic Marker - SETS

Karin Pigment DecoBrush Acrylic Marker - SETS

Karin Pigment DecoBrush Acrylic Marker are non-toxic, organic, pigment-based acrylic paint marker with a fine flexible brush-like tip. They are produced in liquid ink technology which does not change the intensity of colour to the last drop and allow control of the amount of paint on an ongoing basis making them twice more efficient than traditional filter markers.

Pigment DecoBrush Marker is equipped with a Japanese super durable and flexible nylon tip and is brilliantly responsive to changes in pressure and direction. The clear barrel of the acrylic marker allows the artist to keep track of the amount of ink remaining in the marker.

Each marker comes with 2.4 ML of non-toxic free-flowing opaque acrylic paint and can be easily applied evenly. The liquid ink also facilitates easy blending – paints can be combined, lightened and tonal transitions achieved by contacting the tips of the markers or directly on the painted surface. This acrylic marker allows creation on various surfaces, such as - glass, paper, plastic, wood, stone, canvas, and use the technique of applying layers and mixing colours directly on the image. These DecoBrush markers are available in 84 vibrant colours which are fully intermixable.

How to Fixate the Paint – Pigment DecoBrush Marker are highly UV light Resistant. Therefore, the colours don’t fade in the sunlight for a long time. After the paint is dry, it becomes water-proof and permanent. However, if you wish to be fully Scratch Resistance, it is advised to use appropriate varnish depending upon the type of surface it has been used.

  • Textile – Turn the textile inside out and iron it. Ironing will help to fix colours and will make sure the colour does not bleed all over the place. Also, make sure the water temperature does not exceed 40°C while washing it.
  • Ceramic or Glass – Put the painted object in the oven for 50 min. at 160°C or 320°F.

Removal of Acrylic Paint – Do so immediately after it’s been applied to the surface. It might be difficult or even impossible after the surface has fully absorbed the paint. It is easier to remove the paint by using cleaning products containing alcohol.

To Remove paint from marker tip - Dip the maker tip in clean water and then paint a little with the marker on a clean sheet of paper until the paint returns to its original colour.

Techniques for Mixing or Creating Tonal Transitions –

  • Touching Tips – Touch the tips of two acrylic markers PRO and hold both upright for 5 to 60 seconds. The marker at the bottom temporarily will absorb the colour of the upper marker. This will allow creating smooth transitions from one colour to another.
  • Mixing on a Palette - Paint on a non-absorbent surface e.g., plastic or ceramic. Use two different colours. Then use a paintbrush to combine colours to blend them. Do make sure to clean the palette soon used otherwise it will fixate to the surface and make it more difficult to remove it.

Storage of Markers – Pigment DecoBrush Marker should be stored capped with the original box. The original box is designed to keep the marker flat with a tip pointing slightly down. If the tip dries out because of keeping the marker open for too long, the marker should be shaken vigorously until the colour of the paint inside the cartridge gets consistent. Then you can place the marker in the original box, or you can keep the marker tip pointing slightly downward for about an hour. Afterword’s, you could dip the marker tip into the water and then you can paint a little with the marker on the clean sheet of paper until the paint returns to its original colour.

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