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Jacquard - Silk Colours - KITS

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Jacquard - Silk Colours - KITS

Jacquard - Silk Colours - KITS

Jacquard Silk Colours are a fun and easy way to create beautiful, professional-looking hand-painted silk clothing and art. These are liquid dyes used primarily for direct application silk painting. Because they are true dyes Jacquard Silk Colours do not stiffen the fabric at all and the natural lustre of the silk shines through. These intense, rich, translucent colours may be blended directly on fabric or intermixed separately to create an infinite range of colours.

The range consists of 20 intermixable colours the essential colours for an infinite palette of vivid hues or dilute with water for softer shades. Unlike European silk colours (which tend to be liquid acid dyes), Jacquard’s Silk Colours are modified fibre-reactive dyes. This allows for easier setting, better lightfastness, and maximum wash fastness. These are odourless, non-toxic and can be hand washed or dry cleaned.

Green Label Silk Colours can be set in one of two ways—by immersion in our Permanent Dyeset Concentrate mixed with water or by steaming. The Dyeset Concentrate method takes 5 minutes, produces excellent colours and could not be easier. But for the absolute best colours these dyes should be steam set.

Use them to create gorgeous and unique scarves, clothing, wall hangings, pillows and more. Great for beginners and professionals because can be fixed easily and no messy diluting is required. Perfect also for those who want to try switching to silk painting with a luminous dye instead of with the more opaque fabric paints for silk.

Tip – Distilled water is recommended in areas with hard water. Allow printed pieces to dry 24 hours before setting with Permanent Dyeset Concentrate or steam setting.

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