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Jacquard Removable Water-Based - Resist

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Jacquard Removable Water-Based - Resist

Jacquard Removable Water-Based - Resist

Jacquard Removable Water-based Resist is a superior resist that easily washes out with warm water (even after steaming or setting), revealing the white or coloured silk beneath. Removable Water-based Resist keeps the silk completely soft to the touch and allows artists to create layered designs, as in batik. This new formula holds a crisp line without spreading and does not shrink or pucker when dry.

Resists are used in Serti-style silk painting to create barriers for liquid colour such as Silk Colours or Dye-Na-Flow as the colour spreads on the fabric. “Serti” means to encircle or enclose, and this technique allows silk painters to easily achieve “stained glass window” effects. Typically, the resist is applied with a fine line applicator, brush, or screen.

Removable Resist may be tinted with any water-based dye for coloured lines and is screen able, odourless, alcohol-free, and non-toxic. Steaming will set any dye used to colour the resist, then wash out the resist, and the coloured line will remain. Apply gutta resist with plastic squeeze bottle and tip or from a pipette. Always decent unused gutta back into original bottle.

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