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Jacquard - Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Paint - SETS

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Jacquard - Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Paint - SETS

Jacquard - Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Paint - SETS

Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Paint is a free-flowing, highly saturated, highly transparent fluid fabric paint that is permanent on any porous or semi-porous surface, including natural and synthetic fabrics. Dye-Na-Flow spreads on fabric until it is thoroughly absorbed and even, sinking into the fibres like a dye instead of sitting on the surface like thicker inks and paints and leaving the textile perfectly soft to the touch. The colours are intense, wash fast and will not change the feel of the fabric.

Works on untreated leather, suede, clay, canvas, wood, or paper too. Every fabric has a different flow and spread. It is magical on silk, but it works on any type of fibre, natural and synthetic. On silk, it has an even lustre. On velvet it is rich. On cotton, the colour does not alter the feel of the fabric. Dye-Na-Flow is incredibly versatile.

It is perfect for airbrushing, silk painting, spray-on tie-dye, watercolour techniques, spritzing through lace or stencils, tole style painting, sponge painting and simplified batik or wax resist effects. Certified nontoxic, blendable, wash fast and lightfast. Fixing is easy with an iron heat press or heat gun, making Dye-Na-Flow an excellent option whenever immersion dyeing is an impractical or faux dye or watercolour effect is desired.

To set on natural or synthetic fabrics- allow to dry, then iron reverse side for at least three minutes at a highest temperature suited to fabric. Machine or hand wash in cool water. When heat setting is impractical, use jacquard Airfix and allow to air cure.

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