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General's Original Charcoal Sticks

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General's Original Charcoal Sticks

General's Original Charcoal Sticks

General's Compressed Charcoal Sticks are made from the highest quality of willow charcoal allowing you to create high quality art work with ease.

Available in multiple degrees, each stick is Square shaped allowing for easy use.The Flat edge of the sticks may be used for broad strokes to capture shadows and planes easily. For detailed work the sticks can also be sanded to a fine point. Your drawing may be blended with a soft point, such as a paper stub. Erase with an extra soft vinyl or kneaded eraser.

This package contains high-quality black assorted sticks for illustrations, portraits, still lifes, landscapes and more. This artist grade charcoal can help create nice pictures and drawings with rich, vibrant dark color and shading.

General's Layout Graphite Sticks are manufactured with extra smooth, extra black graphite. The sticks are ideal for creating preliminary sketches and ‘layout’ drawings before painting over. They can also be utilized for adding intense blacks and shading in graphite drawings.

The sticks are great for art, sketching and layout work while remaining sharper for longer. The grade is equivalent to 6B. Used by: Animators, Illustrators, Cartoonists, Designers & Artists

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