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Escoda Aquario Squirrel Hair Brush - Series 1130

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Escoda Aquario Squirrel Hair Brush - Series 1130

Escoda Aquario Squirrel Hair Brush - Series 1130

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Escoda Aquario Squirrel Hair Brushes are made of top quality natural hair that comes from the tail of a squirrel which lives in the region of Kazán, in central European Russia. Squirrel hairs are the softest of all natural fine hairs and because of the hairs natural characteristics, they are the best in retaining liquid, making them the ideal tool for laying in washes on large area, wetting the paper or absorbing excess liquid. It is the perfect choice for watercolour painting.

The process of designing and creating Escoda Aquario brushes in their factory begins and ends with brush artisans. Each brush is meticulously crafted by hand resulting in a brush that will be of service for years to come. A triple crimp (exclusive trademark design for Escoda) is applied to the brush ensuring a fixed ferrule that will remain in place for a lifetime of use. The Aquario brushes go through a curing process, original to the Escoda company, which consolidates and locks each hair in place creating a permanent brush shape, also known as ‘The Escoda Memory Process’. It also increases the natural spring of the brush and its ability to retain the original form / shape.

Escoda Aquario Squirrel Brushes have a substantial belly and a precise point, allowing you to pick up a large quantity of paint at a time as well as painting fine lines and detailing with it. These brushes have amazing flexibility and spring, giving an artist great control.

Escoda Mop brushes are slightly different from traditional quill / wire bound mop brushes. Unlike most traditional mop brushes where hairs are bound with wires, Escoda has designed its mop brush by using a metal circular ferrule much like a standard round brush. There are two major advantages to this triple crimped ferrule – Firstly, the nicely bound hairs stay snuggly in the ferrule after many uses unlike quill / wire bound mops, where the loose hairs fall out and get stuck to the paper. Secondly, in case you are an artist who uses the brush almost flat (at almost a 180 degree angle) to the paper, you will not end up scratching the paper with Escoda Mops, unlike the traditional quill / wire bound mops.

Mop brushes have long hairs, and a natural-shaped tip. They are round versions of the wash brush, made of soft, absorbent hair. It is useful for laying in large areas of water or color, for wetting the surface, and for absorbing excess media.

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Escoda Aquario Squirrel Hair Brushes are made of top quality natural squirrel hair from kazan, Russia; Extremely soft with extremely great retention capacity. Ideal for Watercolours and suitable for Gouache, Stiffness: 1 on 6; Perfect for laying in washes on large areas, wetting the paper and absorbing excess liquid. Triple Crimped Ferrule, ensuring that the hairs will remain in place for a lifetime of use. Substantial belly, precise point and amazing spring / snap. Handle - Short, Shape - Mop, Size - 18

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