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Conte a' Paris Soft Pastels - SETS

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Conte a' Paris Soft Pastels - SETS

Conte a' Paris Soft Pastels - SETS

Conte a’ Paris Soft Pastels are soft & extremely easy to apply & blend. They have Artist’s grade pigments and carefully selected chalk & clay, which give bright, strong & clean colours. The soft pastels have a creamy texture & exceptional flow while applying on paper, enabling better expression, spontaneity & versatility. The colours are extremely lightfast.

Conte a’ Paris soft pastels range includes 50 colours matching the Colour Carre crayons range, making them ideal for use in conjunction with Carres & Pastel pencils. The soft pastels are great for adding detail, texture & depth to pastel paintings.

Available in assorted sets of 10, 20, 40 and 50.

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