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Conte a' Paris Sketching Pencils - Blister Packs

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Conte a' Paris Sketching Pencils - Blister Packs

Conte a' Paris Sketching Pencils - Blister Packs

Conte a’ Paris Sketching Pencils are an exceptional & extensive range of pencils, including both traditional & unique leads for maximum versatility in line, tone & intensity.

Conte a’ Paris Drawing & Sketching Pencils are ideal for all forms of still life, landscape & portraits in dry media. They partner exceptionally well with neutral tone papers like Grey & Tan. The Sketching pencils are perfectly compatible & compliment the Conte Pastel Pencils & Carres. All pencils come pre-sharpened.

Sketching Pencils, except the graphite leads have a length of 176.5 mm and outer Diameter of 8.5 mm. Lead Diameter varies.

Pierre Noire Pencil - a soft lead with a black that is dense, deep, indelible and matt. It is much appreciated for its use on all types of supports, including sketch pad, craft paper and linen canvas. Lead Diameter is 5 mm.

Carbon Pencil - derived from traditional charcoal, but much stronger, this lead does not crumble or leave your hands dirty. Its delicate and highly detailed finish enables all types of perspectives to be drawn accurately. Lead diameter is 4 mm.

Charcoal / Fusain Pencil - this gives the clean, dense finish of an intense black. Its special characteristic is that it does not break, making it easy to transport. It also blends perfectly with iron red and Sepia Pencils. Lead diameter is 4 mm.

Sepia Pencil - this gives a colour reminiscent of burnt umber. It shades easily and when sharp gives an accurate and delicate finish. With a half-worn lead, the finish becomes more opaque as the pressure exerted on the pencil increases. Lead diameter is 5 mm.

Sanguine Pencil - The colour of the Conté à Paris "Sanguine" pencil is a deep "rust" and its lines are easily blended. Ideal for both light and accurate sketching and more opaque shading as pressure is applied. Lead Diameter is 5 mm.

White Pencil - best used with a sharp lead, this pencil gives a clear line with a transparent colour. Ideal for contrasting or softening & lightening drawings. Lead Diameter is 5 mm.

Graphite Lead - a hybrid tool, this is a solid graphite lead in the form of a pencil. Ideal for detailed work. Length is 170 mm and Diameter is 7.8 mm.

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