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Claessens Universal Primed Artists' Cotton Canvas Roll

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Claessens Universal Primed Artists' Cotton Canvas Roll

Claessens Universal Primed Artists' Cotton Canvas Roll

Claessens provides artists with professional quality canvases traditionally woven from 100% pure flax (linen), 100% pure cotton, 100% pure jute, a mix of linen and cotton or a mix of linen and jute. Each specific primed linen type is passed through its own set of manufacturing steps and quality control, resulting in premium painting surfaces Claessens is renowned for. After receiving the raw linens, quality control carefully inspects the entire surface for weaving faults. Abnormally thick threads are scrupulously removed. Next, two layers of synthetic adhesive are applied. Each layer is dried on the canvas in a warm-air oven.

For Universally primed canvases, two coats are applied of acrylic-bound titanium white paint to the canvas by the means of a knife. This is done once with a ‘knife’ and not rolled at the last stage. As the primer and coating are water-based, these universal primed canvases are dried in a hot-air oven, where the water can evaporate more quickly. After the final coating is applied, the canvas is moved back to the drying room for 10 days.

The finished canvases are then again carefully inspected one last time and carefully rolled up and wrapped in damp proof paper.

Available in 1 Meter / 5 Meter and 10 Meter Rolls.

Nr. 101 - Features an extra-fine texture ideal for portraits and painting genres that require a smooth surface. Warp 39 cm / 20.5 cm weft; Weight 243 GSM; Polyester Fabric

Nr. 102 – Features a Medium texture perfect for most styles of painting and most general applications. Warp 12 cm / 15 cm weft; Weight 342 GSM; Cotton Fabric

Nr. 112 - Features a moderately fine texture and a single layer of universal acrylic primer for acrylics, alkyds, and oils. Painters who paint in multiple applications and styles will enjoy this linen. Ideal for use with portraits and painting genres that requires s smoother surface for detailed work. Warp 20 cm / 16 cm weft; Weight 345 GSM

Nr.166 - A heavier medium texture linen that is ideal for landscape painting. With its tighter weave and stronger thread, it will support larger works and heavier paint layers. Style 166 acrylic primed is the same linen as Claessens Style 66 oil primed linen. Warp 17 cm / 14.5 cm weft; Weight 415 GSM

Nr. 170 - Features a rough texture with two layers of universal acrylic primer for acrylics, alkyds, and oils. It accepts most painting techniques where smooth texture is not needed and is an excellent multi-purpose surface. Nr. 170 is popular with landscape artists, abstract painters, mixed media artists, large-scale easel painters, and muralists. Warp 9.9 cm / 10.5 cm weft; Weighs 400 GSM

Nr. 1H4 – The 100% Jute fabric is double primed with a universal primer, making it ideal for oil, acrylic, tempera & mixed media painting. The coarse / pronounced texture makes it suitable for applications where maximum texture is desired. Is suitable for murals & large paintings. Warp 7.5 cm / 6 cm weft; Weight 635 GSM; Jute Fabric

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