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Beyond Inks - Alcohol Ink Pack & Sets

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Beyond Inks - Alcohol Ink Pack & Sets

Beyond Inks - Alcohol Ink Pack & Sets

Beyond Inks Alcohol inks are an acid-free, highly pigmented, and fast-drying medium to be used on non-porous surfaces. These are highly saturated permanent inks that dry out super quickly and create beautiful patterns. Since these inks are alcohol-based, they evaporate quickly after dropped on to any surface leaving behind a vibrant tint.

Alcohol inks are sheer or translucent in nature allows creating beautiful layers and depth in artwork. They work the best on our YUPO paper or any non-porous surfaces like ceramics, plastics, glass, metal etc. and can be quickly reactivated using isopropyl alcohol or blending solution.

Alcohol inks can be cleaned up with Blending Solution or Iso Propyl Alcohol. To dilute the inks, reduce the intensity of the colour or increase the fluidity and work time use blending solution with the inks. It can be used creatively to create colourful backgrounds for stamping, cardmaking or abstract. The different colours can be used to transform boring coasters, frames, book covers and almost all surfaces into stunning pieces of art. This art medium is gaining a lot of popularity only for a few years. The brightness of the colour means that a small bottle will go a long way.

These come in a pack of 3 bottles of 20 ml each and a total of 15 colours. It can be used individually or mix them to create beautiful new shades.

TIP: Always seal your artwork with a spray varnish/mod-podge/resin to keep them protected for a very long time

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