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Artyshils Art - Synthetic Brush Sets

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Artyshils Art - Synthetic Brush Sets

Artyshils Art - Synthetic Brush Sets

Artyshils Art Painting Brushes are designed using high-quality material with a lot of care and dedication into production to bring the finest brush set at affordable prices. The hair of each brush is shaped to perfection for the most precise, smooth and streak-free application.

These brushes work perfectly with acrylic paints, watercolour paints, oil paints and gouache paints, are very easy to clean and maintain and are 100% cruelty-free. Brushes are perfect for beginner artist who is starting their art journey as well as for seasoned painters or professional artists.

Round Brush - The basic must-haves in any artists brush sets. These brushes are smooth and versatile in its way.

Flat Brush - Basic brush set for all the artists. These are perfect to cover large areas on painting as these brushes give an even texture in the painting with the wide flat rectangular brush head.

Angular and Dagger Brush - Angled Brush shows its wonders while painting curved strokes, these brushes are formed with a sloping edge at the tip of the brush for cutting in at areas in the painting that are difficult to reach. Dagger Striper Brush, on the other hand, are unique with a fine tip, curving & angled with sword-like appearance. When changing directions in painting, Dagger brushes gives great variations of line thickness from very thin to wide strokes.

Chisel Blender - Designed specifically for blending purposes in a painting. Its small-sized brush hair, rectangular brush surface and soft bristle gives a lot more control over the brushes and makes the blending process very smooth, easy. The colour blends using these brushes are seamless and neat.

Filbert & Cat's Tongue - Cat's tongue hairbrushes can be used simultaneously both wider as well as intricate areas while painting, without having to change the brush, the pointed head of the brush provides great precision in detailing intricate areas. Filbert brushes, on the other hand, have a speciality of getting the precision while painting curves because of the curved head, making it very easy to get the perfection artists to aim for.

Notch and Comb - Mix of comb hair, notch hair, and one long thin round brush specially designed for painting special effects like grass, hair, feathers, fur, tree trunk etc. giving a real effect to paintings

Fine Detailer - For that exquisite detail in the art piece. Detailing and finishing were never too easy before, these brushes are designed to paint figurines, small figures, hair-like lines, eyes or even nail arts.

Long Hair Reservoir - Designed to hold tons of water for those smooth washes and helps in creating one stroke florals in paintings. The hair is neither too soft nor too hard, they have the perfect texture to gain control over brushes flow.

Fan and Horseshoe - Designed to create effortless effects like clouds, trees, pine trees, grass, bushes etc. The possibilities are endless for these brushes on how you can use them on your paintings

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