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Arteza Premium Real Brush Pens - Water-Based Ink / Blendable

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Arteza Premium Real Brush Pens - Water-Based Ink / Blendable

Arteza Premium Real Brush Pens - Water-Based Ink / Blendable

Flexible Brush Tip - The nylon brush tip allows you to create thin, precise lines with the fine tip and thick, bold lines when light pressure is applied.

Versatile for Various Projects: The blendable ink is perfect for colouring, sketching, drawing, watercolour painting, calligraphy, and more.

Use Wet or Dry - Use the pens as they are for a bolder application or produce watercolour effects by adding water to blend and layer colours.

AP Certified Non-Toxic - The water-based ink is AP certified non-toxic, making it suitable for artists of all levels.

Arteza Real Brush Pens are water-based, highly pigmented ink ideal for colouring, sketching, and calligraphy. These pens go beyond the ordinary as they double as watercolour tools, providing you with endless possibilities in your artistic endeavours. The flexible nylon brush tip allows for a painterly touch, enabling you to achieve precise lines with a light hand or bold strokes by applying pressure as you sketch or colour.

Arteza Real Brush Pens offer the same bendability as watercolours without the usual mess. Directly sketch your masterpiece onto watercolour paper and effortlessly blend colours with just a touch of water. Experiment with wet-on-wet techniques like washes or glazing, as well as dry techniques like dry brushing. Enhance your creativity by sprinkling salt onto wet pieces to create unique textures in the pigment.

To refine your work, use the included water brush pen or opt for paintbrushes dipped in water to blend away harsh lines or create seamless gradients. This extensive set features a wide range of vibrant and sombre colours to use to create paintings that impress. These watercolour marker pens make an incredible gift and addition to any artist’s collection, making them the perfect holiday or birthday present.

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