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Art Essentials OYSTER White Synthetic Hair Brush

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Art Essentials OYSTER White Synthetic Hair Brush

Art Essentials OYSTER White Synthetic Hair Brush

Art Essentials Oyster brushes use soft, white synthetic fibres. The Oyster range of brushes has been developed to provide artists with an inexpensive alternative to natural hair brushes. Each brush contains 100% resilient filaments of varying lengths & three different diameters. The brushes have excellent durability as they use wearing resistant filaments. Diameter variation in the fibres creates more space between the filaments, allowing the brush to carry more liquid. This combination of filaments results in a soft brush that keeps an excellent point in rounds & holds a sharp edge in flats, assisting in controlled applications.

The synthetic fibres used in Art Essentials Oyster brushes have indents on the surface, enabling the brush to have an excellent colour holding capacity. A unique process helps taper the filaments to closely mimic the shape of natural animal hair, thereby resulting in excellent points & edges. Each Oyster brush has bristles that have undergone a special interlocking process resulting in excellent spring & snap. The brush hair comes back to its original shape after every stroke.

The innovative techniques applied to make the Oyster brushes result in a brush that provides artists with the spring, point retention & colour carrying capacity of the finest natural hair brushes at a tenth of the price.

Art Essentials Oyster brushes are developed keeping in mind the requirement of modern artists. They are ideal for use with watercolours, acrylics, gouache, thinned oils and hobby colours.

The short, glossy marine blue lacquered wooden handle is double crimped to a seamless aluminium ferrule.

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