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Pebeo Colorex Watecolour Ink - SETS

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Pebeo Colorex Watecolour Ink - SETS

Pebeo Colorex Watecolour Ink - SETS

Pebeo Colorex Watercolour Ink is a transparent, bright, intermixable, velvety and highly concentrated dye-based watercolour ink. The Colorex range is the preferred watercolour ink by professional illustrators, designers, draftsmen, cartoonists, and tattoo artists who appreciate its luminosity and perfectly uniform solid colours. The vividness of its colours and amazing concentration have made this range a world reference in art schools. It can be applied using different painting tools like brush, airbrush, pen etc onto various surfaces like paper, Bristol board, canvas boards etc.

The Colorex range includes 60 colours in 45 ml dropper bottles, and 250 ml and 1 L standard bottles. Within the colour range are three primary colours and one trichromatic Black, all perfectly balanced chromatically and semi-indelible, facilitating experimentation with colour-mixing. The metallic colours Silver, Rich Gold and Pale Gold are opaque and are generally used pure. Colorex White, which is completely opaque, allows lightening of the different shades, thus extending the range into pastel tones. The Graphic India ink which is an opaque, satin black and has good lightfastness, harmoniously complements the range of Colorex inks.

There are a few major differences between Colorex watercolour inks and the Artist Acrylics Liquid acrylic inks. The Artist Acrylics Liquid Inks become indelible once dry whereas the Colorex Inks do not. It is therefore possible to superimpose or cross layers of Artist Acrylics Liquid Inks without the soaking or fusion of colours. Even the pigments do not fade unlike the Colorex watercolour inks which are sensitive to ultraviolet rays and require a varnish to protect them.

The Colorex Inks can be used pure or diluted with water. Its heavy concentration ensures it can withstand a high dilution with water. Depending upon the extent of dilution and paper weight, the drying time varies to a dozen minutes. For masking purposes, use Pbo Drawing Gum, which is removed by peeling. Clean the tools with water before and after use.

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