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Escoda Prado Tame Synthetic Sable Hair Brush

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Escoda Prado Tame Synthetic Sable Hair Brush

Escoda Prado Tame Synthetic Sable Hair Brush

Escoda Prado Tame Synthetic Sable Hair Brushes not only imitate the colour of Sable hair, but also its spring, snap and retention / absorption of liquids. Escoda uses high performance, artificial filaments of 3 different diameters and 3 different lengths to ensure that the brushstroke's result is the same as one made of natural hair. The brush is ideal for watercolour and suitable for acrylics, mixed media and oils. The short lacquered wood handle offers control for detailed work. Escoda Prado Tame Synthetic is one of the most valued synthetic fibres, because of its similarity to sable hair.

In comparison to the Versatil Synthetic range, the Prado is a little stiffer and has a better point, whereas the Versatil is a little softer and holds more water. Prado is intended for a broader range of media, and the Versatil is perhaps better for watercolour.

The process of designing and creating Escoda Prado brushes in their factory begins and ends with brush artisans. Each brush is meticulously crafted by hand resulting in a brush that will be of service for years to come. A triple crimp (exclusive trademark design for Escoda) is applied to the brush ensuring a fixed ferrule that will remain in place for a lifetime of use. The Prado brushes go through a curing process, original to the Escoda company, which consolidates and locks each hair in place creating a permanent brush shape. It also increases the natural spring of the brush and its ability to retain the original form / shape.

Escoda Prado Tame Brushes have a substantial belly and a precise point, allowing you to pick up a large quantity of paint at a time as well as painting fine lines and detailing with it. These brushes have amazing flexibility and spring, giving an artist great control.

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