Manuscript Black Handwriting Pen
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Manuscript Black Handwriting Pen

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Manuscript's Handwriting Pen is a favorite among those who appreciate fine handwriting and quick sketching. The Handwriting Pen has an ergonomic finger grip design that steadies the hand giving a smooth even delivery of ink when writing.

The longer writing length means that it won't let you down and is ideal for everyday use! Also perfect for left handers as the ink dries quickly and minimises the possibility of smudging.

The Manuscript Handwriting Pen has a 0.5 mm tip and contains washable ink.


  • Fine (0.5 mm) Tip; Black Washable Ink
  • Ideal for fine handwriting and quick sketching
  • Has an ergonomic finger grip design
  • Smooth, even delivery of ink when writing
Colour Black
Diameter Of Nib 0.5 mm
Type Of Tip Round Fine
Width Of Line Stroke 0.5 mm

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