Winsor & Newton Artist's Stretched Linen Canvas - 18 X 13 CM
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Winsor & Newton Artist's Stretched Linen Canvas - 18 X 13 CM

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Winsor & Newton Artists Linen Stretched Canvas uses a medium grain 100% Linen. The primed linen canvas weighs 13 oz / 375 gsm having been coated with acid free sizing and two coats of highly pigmented primer. The result is a canvas with tooth, excellent adhesion and balanced absorbency, which prevents the sinking of colour.

Linen by its nature is much stronger and durable than cotton and has been proven to stand the test of time. Serious painters should paint on linen. Cotton canvas, although the most popular today, are not as strong and deteriorate almost five times faster rate than linen. Originally offered for students it is unfortunate that cotton is so often used because the value of linen is so often overlooked.

Winsor & Newton is one of the world's leading brand of fine art materials. Winsor & Newton understands the importance of the canvas to a painter and therefore maintains high quality standards. W&N have developed an entire range of stretched canvases for artists.

Artists' quality linen stretched canvas consists of a carefully selected linen canvas to ensure outstanding quality. It is ideal for use with oil (including water mixable), acrylic and alkyd colour and can be used for all techniques including heavier application of colour.

This range benefits from having a heavy weight superior cloth of medium grain surface that has been triple coated with two coats of highly pigmented primer and one coat of acid free sizing, all formulated by Winsor & Newton.

Stapled on the reverse leaving the sides clear to be painted means that there is no need for framing. Please note that all Winsor canvases are supplied with wedges. Wedges are used to expand the stretcher if the canvas slackens in adverse weather conditions. Wedges should be placed in the corners and tapped in with a pin hammer. The use of wedges is not a common requirement.


  • 100% Linen, Medium Grain, 375 GSM
  • Triple Coated - 1 Acid free sizing + 2 coats of highly pigmented primer
  • Imported, Formulated by Winsor & Newton
  • Suitable for use with oil (including water mixable), acrylic and alkyd colour
  • Image is only representative. Actual Size is 18 X 13 CM
Fabric Linen
Size 18 X 13 CM
Suitable For Use with oils, water mixable oils, acrylics and alkyd colour
Texture Medium Grain
Thickness 375 GSM

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