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Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour Synthetic Hair Brush - Assorted Sets

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Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour Synthetic Hair Brush - Assorted Sets

Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour Synthetic Hair Brush - Assorted Sets

Winsor and Newton Cotman Brushes are synthetic range of high-quality water colour brushes made by blending fibres of different thickness and using the same skills, generated over many years, as those in making finest sable brushes. Cotman brushes were the first complete range of synthetic brushes to be developed by Winsor & Newton.

Cotman Brushes comes in widest range and sizes to help artist to achieve different effects from water colour washes to fine detail. As Gouache colour has the same properties as water colour, all our water colour brushes are suitable for use with Designers Gouache.

Cotman water colour brushes are very popular, due to the blended fiber of different thicknesses to achieve the three most important qualities sought after by every watercolourist i.e. strength, spring and colour carrying capacity. The thicker fibres give strength and spring while the thinner fiber improve colour carrying capacity. Together they retain perfect point, time after time.

The ferrule (which holds the hair to the handle) is made from high quality nickel-plated brass, which helps to prevent corrosion, clogging of hair and enables easy cleaning.

The re-developed blend of special synthetic fibres gives the brushes greater ability to make larger washes or longer lines, without the need to recharge the brush with colour. The colour carrying capacity of the brushes has been increased by up to 50%.

The range features a wide selection of head shapes and sizes to suit all water colour techniques from mops for large wash, angled brushes for detail, filberts for softer edges, riggers for longer extended fine lines and short-handled fans for delicate blending.

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