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Edding Textile Pen (1 MM) - SETS

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Edding Textile Pen (1 MM) - SETS

Edding Textile Pen (1 MM) - SETS

Edding Textile Pen is ideal for creating fine patterns and decorations on most light-coloured textiles like cotton, silk, and linen. It makes textile designs easy and is suitable for precise designs. The round bullet nib has a stroke width of 1 mm makes it easy to write and create signs.

The ink is water-based pigment ink is odourless, does not run during the application, dries fast and extremely lightfast. After fixing the colours, ironing the fabric (without steam), the textile design can be washed at up to 60 °C. Perfect for personalizing shoes, hats, backpacks, T-shirts, cushions, placemats etc. Available in 20 brilliant colours.

How to Use -

Before drawing, place a piece of cardboard under the fabric to ensure that the ink will not bleed through the material. Once completed with the design, the applied ink can be made permanent by ironing once (without steam), and wash-resistant up to 60 °C.

Note - Secure the fabric with double-sided adhesive tape to paint on a non-slipping and fixed surface. Store textile pen horizontally.

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