Manuscript Italic Calligraphy Fountain Pen 4B (2.8 mm)
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Manuscript Italic Calligraphy Fountain Pen 4B (2.8 mm)

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The Italic Calligraphy pen features Manuscript's classic style pen complete with a high quality extra broad (2.8 mm) Italic nib. Whether you are a calligraphy student just mastering the Italic script and writing 100 wedding invitations or simply enjoy writing in an Italicised font, Manuscript's Italic Calligraphy pen is the perfect writing instrument for just that. The set also comes complete with an ink converter for use with bottled Fountain Pen ink.

NOTE: Fountain pens use ink cartridges or converters but only work with water soluble or non permanent ink.


  • This set contains a Extra Broad (2.8 mm) nib section in a Classic pen model
  • Set Also Contains: a fountain pen ink converter for use with bottled ink
  • Suitable for cartooning, sketching, illustrative work, decorative writing and more
  • Ideal for experienced calligrapher, graphic & beginning artists and crafters
Storage Tin No
Type Of Pen Fountain
Type Of Tip Italic Nib
Width Of Line Stroke 2.8 mm
Width Of Nib 2.8 mm

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