General's Sketch & Wash Pencil - Dark
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General's Sketch & Wash Pencil - Dark

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General Pencil


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General's Sketch & Washpencil are a Water-Soluble graphite pencil which may be used wet or dry. If using it dry you can just apply a water wash to create dramatic washes of gray and black.

Bonded to incense cedar wood with their exclusive "Carbo-Weld" bonding process that ensures strength, reliability, smooth sharpening, and durability; these pencils are a delight to use.

These pencils can be used to draw directly on wet paper to darken lines and details. Can be combined with watercolor pencils, colored pencils, pen and ink.

These pencils are suitable for multiple surfaces and can be used to write on wood, glass, and canvas.

The pencil performs & looks like traditional graphite in its dry state. If you run a wet brush over the pencil lines, they completely dissolve and you can brush the liquid graphite throughout your design like paint! Create bold, dark marks or several tonal values with the stroke of a brush. Water adheres the graphite to your paper so you can add colour over it and your colour stays pure!


  • Aquarelle, water-soluble graphite formula pencil
  • Pencils handcrafted with sustained yield incense cedar wood
  • All purpose graphite pencils that can be used with or without water
  • Made in USA
Grade EE
Type Pencil

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