General's Powdered Charcoal - Rich Black
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General's Powdered Charcoal - Rich Black

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General Pencil


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Generals Powdered Charcoal is a 100 % Pure, Willow Type Charcoal which is Artist Quality. The Super fine charcoal is extra soft and intensely black.

This makes the charcoal powder ideal for use in large drawings, pattern work and pouncing.

It allows you to easily create tones over large surface areas. As a high quality charcoal it can be used with finger, chamois, or dry brush.

The intense, rich blacks will be sure to delight you when you create your next art work.


  • General"s Powdered Charcoal is pure powdered charcoal.
  • Ideal for large coverage areas or large drawings.
  • Can be used with sculpting mixture.
  • A dust mask is recommended during use.
  • 6 oz. (170 gms) Jar
Color Black
Grade Rich Black
Type Powder

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