General's Flat Sketching Pencil - 4B
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General's Flat Sketching Pencil - 4B

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General's Flat Sketching Pencil with rectangular lead is just the thing for quick, loose sketching, shading, or filling in large areas. The pencil is shaped like a carpenter pencil

The pencil is suitable for Broad and Thin Strokes as well as Calligraphy.

The extra-wide graphite core allows you to work with broad strokes.

Made from raw (unfinished) cedar wood these pencils acquire a nice patina when used over time. The uncoated incense cedar won't get slippery with sweat and the flat slightly rectangular shape makes them comfortable to hold.

The lead is the same high quality ball-milled graphite and Belgian clay found in Generals top of the line Kimberly and Cedar Point pencils.

The pencil is 7" long. The lead is 5/16" x 1/8" encased in a 1/2" by 5/16" incense cedar shaft.


  • Thick rectangular lead like a carpenter pencil
  • For making broad strokes
  • Ideal for quick, loose sketching, shading, filling in large areas, Calligraphy
  • Length: 7"; Lead cross section: 5/16" x 1/8"
  • Grade: 4B
Grade 4B
Type Pencil

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