General's Draughting Pencil - 4B
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General's Draughting Pencil - 4B

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General Pencil


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Generals Draughting Pencil is a smooth graphite pencil that keeps its original tip shape longer than any other pencil. The pencil is great for consistent line width in repetitive design work.

The pencils have a thick core and are a standard diameter drawing pencil, requested by artists, architects, and teachers alike.

The classic soft and creamy, extra smooth graphite is ideal for drawing, shading sketching, highlighting, and detailing. Made with genuine Incense Cedar wood.

  • Standard diameter round pencil, Thick core
  • Ideal for Draughting, drawing and sketching
  • Keeps its original tip shape longer than any other pencil
  • Used by artists and architects
  • Made in USA
Grade EE
Type Pencil

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