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Escoda Chronos Synthetic Toray - RMIX Brush

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Escoda Chronos Synthetic Toray - RMIX Brush

Escoda Chronos Synthetic Toray - RMIX Brush

  • High-quality brushes that combine 90% synthetic Toray fibre with 10% red sable hair
  • Ideal for Watercolours and suitable for Gouache, Acrylics & Mixed Media, Stiffness: 3 on 6
  • Triple Crimped Ferrule, ensuring that it will remain in place for a lifetime of use; Substantial belly, precise point and amazing spring / snap
  • Sufficient absorption of paint with good elasticity and better resistance

Escoda expands the range of its series for watercolour and acrylic brushes with a new brush, which combines 90% synthetic Toray fiber with 10% red sable hair.

The process of designing and creating Escoda Chronos brushes in their factory begins and ends with brush artisans. Each brush is meticulously crafted by hand resulting in a brush that will be of service for years to come. A triple crimp (exclusive trademark design for Escoda) is applied to the brush ensuring a fixed ferrule that will remain in place for a lifetime of use. The Chronos brushes go through a curing process, original to the Escoda company, which consolidates and locks each hair in place creating a permanent brush shape, also known as ‘The Escoda Memory Process’. It also increases the natural spring of the brush and its ability to retain the original form / shape.

It is the first brush that Escoda brings to market with a blend of a fiber with natural hair. With this combination, we get a price slightly above the synthetics but well below those of sable hair.

The natural hair of the sable achieves the sufficient absorption of paint that the artist is looking for, while the Toray fiber makes the brush have good elasticity and better resistance.

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