Escoda Optimo Kolinsky Sable Hair Brush - Filbert - Long Handle - Size: 8
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Escoda Optimo Kolinsky Sable Hair Brush - Filbert - Long Handle - Size: 8

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Escoda Optimo Kolinsky Sable Hair brushes are one of the perfect brushes for watercolour due to the result of the perfect combination of the best male and female hairs. It is considered one of the best types of natural hair for its softness and its natural spring. It is also valued in acrylic and oil painting to paint portraits or to finalize details of a piece of work.

The process of designing and creating Escoda Optimo brushes in their factory begins and ends with brush artisans. Each brush is meticulously crafted by hand resulting in a brush that will be of service for years to come. A triple crimp (exclusive trademark design for Escoda) is applied to the brush ensuring a fixed ferrule that will remain in place for a lifetime of use. The Optimo brushes go through a curing process, original to the Escoda company, which consolidates and locks each hair in place creating a permanent brush shape. It also increases the natural spring of the brush and its ability to retain the original form / shape.

Escoda Optimo Brushes have a substantial belly and a precise point, allowing you to pick up a large quantity of paint at a time as well as painting fine lines and detailing with it. These brushes have amazing flexibility and spring, giving an artist great control.


  • Best Male and Female Kolinsky Sable Hair
  • Ideal for Watercolours and Suitable for Oil, Acrylics and Gouache, Stiffness: 3 on 6
  • Triple Crimped Ferrule, ensuring that it will remain in place for a lifetime of use
  • Substantial belly, precise point and amazing spring / snap

The long, lacquered blue wood handle offers superb control. It's attached to the nickel-plated brass ferrule via Escodas exclusive triple crimping process.

Hair/Fibre Kolinsky Sable Hair
Handle Long
Shape Filbert
Size 8

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